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British Airways & Iberia

Low Down About This Work

While at an agency that only dealt with various airliners, I worked as a UI designer. Bringing to life concepts based around content hubs/platforms for airliners (such as British Airways, Iberia and Qatar Airways) and their passengers. The visual looks for these hubs/platforms would vary from client to client but the main structure and layout would remain consistent across.

The main challenge I faced while doing work for various airliners was keeping track of all the strict brand guidelines that came along with such work. I overcame this challenge by creating styles in Sketch that would be apart of the design files.

Key Achievements:

  • UI Design
  • Content Strategy

The Iberia Content Platform App

This app was designed to serve the purpose of providing video content to Iberia passengers via a application that enabled the passenger to save a playlist of movies to watch on their mobile device for their flight journey on a Iberia Flight. Working on the UI had to remain simple and easy to navigate through the app while adhering to Iberia’s strict brand guidelines but also adapting their guidelines where needed.