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K&C Redesign

K&C Redesign

The Project

Another one of the projects I took full creative control over during my time at Practicology was the redesign of Konditor & Cook’s Shopify website. We decided to shift their platform to Magento for more scalable opportunities and give them a much more user centered experience along with the fresh new visual look. Working closely with another development agency, we collaborated to develop and design functions that would best suit Konditor & Cook’s business and future expectations.

Key Achievements

  • Concept of direction
  • Digital┬ábrand development
  • UX design (user journeys, wireframing, User research)
  • UI design

Creating architecture around users needs…

Wire framing and prototyping where a key part of the early process between the designers and the client. It allowed us to iron out all business changes and and loop holes as the new website allowed more capabilities that the business had to catch up to. Prototyping the user journeys was mostly done via Invision, allowing the client to leave comments and feedback at any point.

A modern look to fit a luxurious brand…

As part of the redesign for Konditor & Cook, a new style guide for their website had to be created; Incorporating the new brand colours as the previous colours where not suited for the web and the new buttons and font sizes/weights. Along with the PDF style guide, I also created a interactive HTML/CSS style guide which presented the interactive elements with the according transitions ready coded for developers to incorporate.

Recommendation from the lead designer at Practicology who I worked with on this project…

(Written via my Linkedin Hardy Sidhu)